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My overwhelming philosophy since I started in the retail cycling business is that a bike is only as good as the amount it gets ridden. Whether an issue of fit or practicality, a bike needs to make its owner want to get out and use it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Derycke

So, I found this bicycle and it had a broken bottom bracket spindle - I was really surprised to see that it had actually broken.  The rear wheel also had a wicked flat spot, so I ended up tracking down a rare 36 hole 650A rim to replace it, so now it should be good to go for another42 years.  The rest of the bike was in good, if neglected shape, and the more I worked on fixing it and cleaning it up, the more I realized how unique it was!

For example, it has a built in rear rack, which is very practical, and it also has a front fork light mount, and some tiny loops for running dynamo wires.  In addition, it also has a one piece bar and stem, and some nice, wide tires - bigger than the EA3 tires you usually find on this type of bike.  With the Sturmey 3 speed rear,

Add to that a nice patina on the original paint, lots of white pin striping, and a detailed, stylish chain guard, and this bike is a vintage work of art, too!  New white wall tires complete the look.

It's a bike like this that inspired me to start my business and share these types of bikes.  It's practical and beautiful, and will be the perfect bike for the lucky buyer to enjoy for a long, long time.

But enough talk - here's some pictures to enjoy!  It was for sale, but sold quickly.  If this type of bike is something you'd like me to get for you, shoot me an email: and I'll be happy to see what I can do to make your bike dreams come true.

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