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My overwhelming philosophy since I started in the retail cycling business is that a bike is only as good as the amount it gets ridden. Whether an issue of fit or practicality, a bike needs to make its owner want to get out and use it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I used to race cyclocross and I really loved it.  It was a bunch of fun because it was absurd, yet intense, to be out on a road style bike with skinny little knobs, going full out for 45 minutes with lots of running, carrying the bike, and sometimes, falls, too!  In a sense, it's a little bit like being a little kid again, playing in the mud and snow.

Cyclocross helped me build lots of skills that helped both my road and mountain bike riding, and it was also fun because it was smaller than the mountain bike races I had entered, and the racers were far friendlier and more relaxed.  On top of that, the courses are usually very specator friendly.   You ride laps, about 5-8, depending on the course and your speed (or, in my case, the lack thereof), and so if you have friends or family come and set up in a good spot, like by some barriers or near a steep hill, they can get a very entertaining race experience and witness some classic falls.

So, after years of not having a cross bike, or having a cross bike that I commuted on and didn't race, I've decided I need to give it a go again.   I'm older, slower, and heavier now, so it should be interesting, but on the bright side, I'm hoping it'll still be fun!

Here's the race I'm planning for the weekend:!__cyclo-x-sienna-lake/directions

Yeah, Sienna Lake.  Seems kind of appropriate for me to do that race...

So come on out and see the fun.  The old guys race early - maybe I'll see you there!

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