The best bike is the bike you ride!

My overwhelming philosophy since I started in the retail cycling business is that a bike is only as good as the amount it gets ridden. Whether an issue of fit or practicality, a bike needs to make its owner want to get out and use it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I found the article below from a friend on Facebook, and in reading through it, it's really astonishing to me that more people don't bike to work.   But, that's part of my mission at Green Path.    Everyone should own and ride a bike, whether for recreation or transportation, it's got some pretty incredible (and quantifiable, per the link above) benefits!

So, get on your bike, or get a bike, and USE it!  Ride to work, ride to play, or just plain ride for fun.  It's all good.  Really, it is!

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