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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some new inventory!

Well, despite the holidays, I've had some time to finish up a project in the shop and have also decided to sell my city bike, as I'm relacing it with something a little different.  Change is good, and it'll be fun to build up another city bike, so it's on the market!

First, the Sears Austrian is now for sale.  It's an older Sears, 3 speed, made in Austria by Steyr.   This model was very well made with high quality steel, far better than many other Sears bikes, and has been completely rebuilt.  The rims are now Sun CR18 alloy rims, so they are lighter and stronger, with hubs from Sturmey Archer.  The rear is a 3 speed/coaster brake and new as of about a year ago, and the front is a dynamo/drum brake hub, with the heavy duty 90mm drum on the front.   It has B&M lighting front and rear, plus a Civia Loring rear rack and a Wald basket on the front, and a broken in Brooks B67 with the matching leather grips.  Naturally, it also has Velo Orange hammered fenders on it.

It's been an excellent utility bike for getting groceries and other errands, plus pulling my daughter on the trail a bike, and it's designed for maximum utility.

Pictures are here:

It's priced at $550.

The second bike, and a very interesting and fun build, is an old Raleigh Record that's been brought back to life.  It has a new fork, and has Raleigh/Suntour derailleurs and shifters, DiaCompe brake levers, and a Super Mighty crankset.   The tires, cables, and Velo Orange saddle are new, and it sports some cool vintage Cinelli striped bar tape and some vivid derailleur cables, too.  It's a 54cm frame and has a fairly wide range of fit.

Pictures are here:

It's priced at $350.

There's still more coming, too.  The Centurion is still available, for now, and I've got a Trek Elance 310 coming, with a full Suntour Cyclone group and some new Velo Orange bling.   I'll have pictures and a full description of the Trek soon!

In the meantime, shoot me a note at if any of these bikes look interesting to you.

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