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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The latest bikes for sale!

I've currently got two bikes that are available in the shop and ready to roll out the door:

1)  A 62cm Peugeot PH10L.  It's a nice sport tourer, ready to be set up for randos or just riding around town, or even just comfy road riding.  It's a bigger frame, but not quite as big as you might expect for a 62.  It's constructed of smooth Carbolite 103 tubing, and is overall in great vintage shape.  It has a new Velo Orange saddle, some hand stitched elk hide grips, and matching leather toe straps.  It's tuned and ready to roll!

 Pictures are here:

I'm asking $325 for it.

2) A 58cm Centurion Pro Tour 15.  Yep, it's my old tourer - I decided to get something different as the chainstays were a little short and the bike had a shimmy that was really bad with a heavy rear load, so I found a Raleigh Kodiak and I've moved my stuff over to that bike.  As it was also a hard bike to convert to 700c (maybe that was part of the shimmy), I also put it back to 27 inch tires.

This Centurion is set up as an excellent winter commuter or all purpose/do anything bike. It has 27 inch knobbies (in a fat 1 3/8 inch size!) that are brand new, and Shimano shifting.  The frame is a little rough cosmetically, but since Centurion chromed their frames under the paint, most of the spots where the paint rubbed off are chrome now.    There is one spot, you'll notice it as the frame closeup, that looks a little rougher, like the chrome wasn't quite enough, but it looks worse than it really is.

In any event, the Centurion is a smooth riding bike with lots of braze ons for everything imaginable, including front and rear racks and fenders, plus two water bottle cages on the down tube.  You can add racks and fenders, maybe some dynamo lighting, and it would make an excellent city bike, or just ride it as a sport tourer or credit card tourer.   Or, ride it as is and make it your adventure bike!

Pictures are here:

I'm asking $250 for this one.

Of course, either of these bikes can be further customized if you like!

To find out more, or to arrange a test ride, email me at!

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